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An Overview of the Effect of Age at Time of Cochlear Implantation on Language Outcomes in Jordan: A Retrospective Cohort Study.

Author(s): Mohammad Al-Alawneh, Ra'ed al-Ashqar, Amjad Nuseir, Ahmad Al Omari, Mohammad kharisat, Firas Alzoubi

Introduction: Cochlear Implantation (CI) surgery has long been used as an effective treatment for children with bilateral profound sensorineural hearing loss who failed to benefit from the use of hearing aids. Among other factors, the age at which implantation is done is thought to have an effect on the speech progression outcome of patients postoperatively.

Objectives: The Jordanian CI Program) has limited resources, and Jordan has an underdeveloped early screening and intervention program for deafness. In this study, we aimed to explore the effect of age at time of implantation on receptive and expressive language outcomes in Jordan, to guide funding and focus efforts on patient groups who would benefit most, thus reducing unnecessary longterm morbidity and disability, and improving cost efficiency

Methods: Data was gathered from all major sectors in Jordan on patients who underwent CI from 2006 to 2018 (a total of 1815 patients). We compared the language outcome 2 to 4 years after implantation for patients aged below 3 years, 3 to under 6, 6 to under 9 years, and 9 and older at the time of implantation

Results and Conclusion: We found a statistically significant difference in language outcomes between patients aged below 6 years vs those 6 and older, with better receptive and expressive language outcomes in the younger age groups.

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