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Bilateral Deafness as a Complication of the Vaccination-A Case Report

Author(s): Masahiro Rikitake, Sayaka Sampei, Manabu Komori, Yuika Sakurai, Hiromi Kojima

The vaccination has much profit for an infectious disease. On the other hand, there is little frequency, side effects may appear. It includes severe complication. We reported the case that resulted in bilateral acute profound hearing loss after mumps alone and measles and rubella (MR) vaccination. The case was a 5 years old girl. She inoculated mumps alone and MR vaccine. After 18days later, both sides profound hearing loss occurred in her. The hearing loss was not improved by the intravenous feeding of the steroid. Three months later, cochlea implantation was carried out to her right ear. She got hearing again. As for the hearing loss, mumps vaccine was considered as a cause from a latency period until the onset. The bilateral profound hearing loss that was a very rare complication was occurred by vaccination. The care of the hearing is important, but the mental care of an affected child and the parent is important, too.

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