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Clinical aspects of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo associated with migraine

Author(s): Sertac Yetiser; Meltem Hale Alpsan Gokmen

Introduction: Whether clinical features in patients with BPPV and migraine differ from patients with BPPV without migraine is unknown. Objectives: The aim of this study is to compare clinical aspects of patients with or without migraine. Materials and Method: 263 patients with BPPV were enrolled. Patients were investigated in terms of age, gender, symptoms, affected side, type of BPPV and the cure rate. Data were compared in patients with and without migraine. Mean values and standard deviations (± SD) were calculated. One way ANOVA test was used for the analysis. Significance was set at p < 0.005. Results: 32 patients had migraine (11.4%). Gender ratio difference between groups was significant (4.2 vs. 1.3). Comparative analysis of average age between groups was not significant (p = 0.069; 38.50 ± 11.52, 43.38 ± 13.83). Majority of patients had symptoms less than 2 months and the difference was not significant (78.1% vs. 76%). Comparative analysis of cure rate of the therapeutic maneuvers between 2 groups was not significant (77% vs. 84%). Conclusion: Patients with BPPV may have associated migraine. However, this study does not indicate that the presence of migraine is a risk factor for BPPV for the cure since the therapeutic outcome is similar

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