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Cochlear implantation improves hearing and vertigo in patients after removal of vestibular schwannoma

Author(s): Ariane Roemer, Thomas Lenarz, Anke Lesinski-Schiedat

Objective: With rising quality of speech perception in cochlear implant users, the indication widens. Nowadays, cochlear implantation is reasonable even in vestibular schwannoma patients. Speech perception with a cochlear implant is in these patients as promising as in patients with sensorineural hearing loss. However, the impact of cochlear implantation on vertigo and tinnitus after removal of vestibular schwannoma has not been investigated yet. Methods: In a retrospective study, we analysed 12 patients treated with a cochlear implant after removal of vestibular schwannoma. Results: In addition to a promising hearing perception - all patients reported improvement of vertigo. This improvement was also demonstrated by postural analysis. Improvement of tinnitus was achieved in 50% of the patients. Conclusion: Cochlear implantation seems a promising treatment for hearing loss, vertigo and even tinnitus in patients after removal of vestibular schwannoma. However, for successful cochlear implantation with adequate speech perception and improvement of vertigo and tinnitus, functional hearing nerve and intact inner ear anatomy is necessary.

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