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Disequilibrium and Its Management in Elderly Patients

Author(s): Fernando Vaz Garcia

Dizziness, a frequent occurrence in the elderly, carries substantial health and qualityof- life consequences for patients. Disequilibrium of the elderly refers to dizziness or ataxia (or both) without apparent localizing signs and is typically attributed to the aging process. In many cases, disequilibrium is multifactorial and worsened or triggered by multiple medications and iatrogenicity. This review provides an update of the literature concerning elderly multifactorial imbalance and discusses factors that may trigger falls. The author reviewed the underlying pathophysiology of disequilibrium along with an assessment of how current evaluation methods and exercise protocols are used to help prevent falls in the elderly. Patients must be stimulated to perform customized physical exercises under safe conditions, considering their general state of health. The objectives of current programs are to encourage patients to develop an efficient personalized strategy of equilibrium and to increase their level of physical activity, autonomy, and safety to reduce the potential for falls.