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Effect of Sudarsankriya Yoga Practices on P300 Amplitude and Latency

Author(s): Ashwini PR Gholam, Rajesh Ranjan, Jayashree S Bhat

The cognitive ability which was perceived as a constant trait, is now understood to be upgraded by adaptive and extended training. Yoga practices are known to sharpen the intellect and enhance concentration. In the initial period of practicing yoga as an alternative/ supporting tool to medical line of treatment, it is essential to investigate effect of yoga on cognitive ability using objective method, in order to establish evidences. Hence, aim of this study was to explore the effect of regular practice of sudarsankriya yoga on auditory event related potential (P300) by recording and comparing peak latency and amplitude. The participants were divided into three groups with Group I and Group II participants practicing sudarsankriya yoga for more than 36 months and less than 36 months respectively. Group III were non-practitioners with no prior practice of any form of yoga. Twenty participants in each group with a total of 60 participants between 40 to 65 years of age were recruited for the study. Results revealed a significant difference for mean latency and amplitude between three groups. Findings of the current study suggest that sudarsankriya yoga practices slows down the process of aging effect or maintains on cognitive ability in adults

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