The International Tinnitus Journal


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The International Tinnitus Journal

Official Journal of the Neurootological and Equilibriometric Society
Official Journal of the Brazil Federal District Otorhinolaryngologist Society

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ISSN: 0946-5448


Evaluation of factors related to the tinnitus disturbance

Author(s): Joao Paulo Peral Valente; Laiza Ara?jo Mohana Pinheiro; Guilherme Machado de Carvalho; Alexandre Caixeta Guimaraes; Raquel Mezzalira; Guita Stoler; Jorge Rizzato Paschoal

The perception of tinnitus varies among individuals. The limitations caused by tinnitus are related to psychological factors, mood changes and psychiatric conditions, while other factors related to discomfort caused by tinnitus are being studied. Hearing loss is an important factor for the onset of tinnitus. Objectives: To evaluate the correlation between the degree of discomfort caused by tinnitus and the hearing loss level.

Materials and Methods: A retrospective study of the patients treated at the Otolaryngology Service of the State University from Campinas for 15 months, using the Visual-Analogue Scale to classify the degree of discomfort by tinnitus.

Results: 107 patients were studied and there was no correlation between the degree of annoyance of tinnitus with hearing loss, age, gender, presence of dizziness, of neck pain, headache, changes of the temporomandibular joint, the use of caffeine or excessive intake of carbohydrates. The discomfort was slightly higher in patients without hearing loss and in women.

Conclusion: Dizziness, neck pain, headache and caffeine abuse are prevalent complaints in patients with tinnitus.