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Evaluation of the Tinnitus Teleconsulting System's Back-Referral Program for National Health Insurance Patients with Diabetes Mellitus in Primary Care

Author(s): Putri Permatasari *, Mardiati Nadjib

Background: One of the techniques available through Social Security healthcare organizations to assist the government in the implementation of social distancing without restricting patients access to particular health treatments is primary healthcare Tinnitus Teleconsulting. The purpose of this research is to gather data on how well the City of South Jakarta's primary medical care Audiology Teleconsulting strategy was implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic. Method: This study uses a qualitative research method and was conducted during November 2022-Mei 2023 at the City of South Jakarta Primary Health Care, the social security agency of health's South Jakarta Branch, and the social security agency of health's Primary Health Care Guarantee Division at the Head Office. Data collection techniques were through Focus Group Discussions, in-depth interviews with key informants, and document review. Results: The results showed that most of the informants already knew the process and output of FKTP Tinnitus Teleconsulting performance; only a few FKTPs did not understand the process and output of policy performance, so even though they acknowledged that they had implemented it, there were no documents recorded in the logbook or electronically recorded patient medical data through the social security agency's health care application. Conclusion: The findings of this study can be used by FKTP and other district or city social security agencies of health to improve the performance achievement of FKTP Tinnitus Teleconsulting implementation.

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