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The International Tinnitus Journal

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ISSN: 0946-5448


GABAA - Benzodiazepine-Chloride Receptor-Targeted Therapy forTinnitus Control: Preliminary Report

Author(s): Abraham Shulman Arnold M. Strashun, and Barbara A. Goldstein

Our goal was to attempt to establish neurophannacological tinnitus control (i.e., relief) with medication directed to restoration of a deficiency in the ),-aminobutyric acidbenzodiazepine- chloride receptor in tinnitus patients with a diagnosis of a predominantly central type tinnitus. Thirty tinnitus patients completed a medical audiological tinnitus patient protocol and brain magnetic resonance imaging and single-photon emission computed tomography of brain. Treatment with GABAergic and benzodiazepine medication continued for 4- 6 weeks. A maintenance dose was continued when tinnitus control was positive. Intake and outcome questionnaires were completed. Of 30 patients, 21 completed the trial (70%). Tinnitus control lasting from 4-6 weeks to 3 years was reported by 19 of the 21 (90%). The trial was not completed by 9 of the 30 (30%). No patient experienced an increase in tinnitus intensity or annoyance. Sequential brain single-photon emission computed tomography in 10 patients revealed objective evidence of increased brain perfusion. Patients with a predominantly central type tinnitus experience significant tinnitus control with medication directed to the ),-aminobutyric acid-benzodiazepine-chloride receptor.