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High-Frequency Hearing Threshold in Adult Women with Multiple Sclerosis

Author(s): Bianca S. Zeigelboim; Walter O. Arruda; Maria Cecilia M. I?rio; Ari L. Jurkiewicz; Jackeline Martins-Bassetto; Karlin F. Klagenberg; Pedro L. Mangabeira-Albernaz

Our objective was to determine the high-frequency hearing thresholds of women with multiple sclerosis (MS) and to investigate the presence of side dominance for highfrequency perception. We submitted 19 affected and 106 nonaffected women (controls) to high-frequency audiometry and classified them in subgroups according to their age (30–40, 40–50, and 50–60 years). We analyzed data through selected statistical tests. We could detect no consistent effect of side dominance and observed a general increase in the hearing sensitivity for high frequencies in MS patients. We concluded that high-frequency sounds seemed to be detected more easily by MS patients than by controls.