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Impact of Tinnitus Masking on Auditory Brainstem Response Results

Author(s): Ambika Bose, Indranil Chatterjee

Introduction: Tinnitus- the perception of sound without external stimulation can also lead to disruption in the quality of life and has been over the years been benefitted by tinnitus masking. Hence this study to understand the effectiveness of tinnitus masking using the Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) Test. Objectives: The intention of this experimental research design is to determine whether tinnitus masking as treatment for tinnitus makes a significant difference in auditory evoked brainstem responses before and after masking for understanding the effectiveness of the treatment objectively and possible quantification of benefit measurement through ABR. Design: 30 subjects with normal hearing and unilateral tinnitus were assessed using ABR before and after tinnitus masking. Data was collected and compared to evaluate pre-masking and post-masking values of Latency-Intensity function and Interpeak Latency differences. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics, test of homogeneity of variances and Two-way ANOVA. Results: Both latency-intensity functions and interpeak latency differences showed significant differences before and after tinnitus masking with significance values of Two-way ANOVA as .001, (Calculated at p < .05). Conclusions: Despite the patient’s subjective feedback, objective proof of the patient’s benefit is a necessity. Therefore, this study shows that ABR shows significant differences in patients treated with tinnitus masking. Further suggesting benefit quantification of tinnitus masking as a treatment to tinnitus suffering individuals and for further understanding the intricacies of changes in the central auditory pathway due to masking.

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