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The International Tinnitus Journal

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ISSN: 0946-5448


Long-Term Inhibition of Tinnitus by UltraQuiet Therapy: Preliminary Report

Author(s): Barbara A. Goldstein, Abraham Shulman, Martin L. Lenhardt, Douglas G. Richards, Alan G. Madsen, and Robert Guinta

Masking of tinnitus by noise can produce residual inhibition, a persistence in the reduction in tinnitus after the noise is removed. Typically, this relief is very short-lived, on the order of minutes. This report highlights long-term inhibition of tinnitus by UltraQuiet therapy, a new technique that employs patterned sound in the 10- to 20-kHz range, presented through bone conduction. Nine subjects participated in a study of the efficacy of this tinnitus suppression technique. Eight reported improvement in tinnitus symptoms; one did not complete the study. The duration of the improvement ranged from days to weeks. This long-term inhibition may involve a truly plastic change in the brain at the central level.