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Meniere's Disease and Various Types of Vertigo in Children

Author(s): Gottfried ADstt and Miroslav Novotny

Vertigo in children is less frequent than in adults, and examiners of patients showing these symptoms must rely on parents' or relatives' observations and details. Besides the equilibrium disorders caused by hereditary malabsorption syndromes or lesions in the peripheral and central vestibular structures, we know of typical diseases that are associated with vertigo and hearing problems and develop during childhood. One of them is Meniere's disease. Careful examinations are necessary to differentiate these illnesses from other vestibular disturbances accompanied by vertigo. Neurootological examinations in children, especially in small children, are more difficult than in adults. The reasons are the time-consuming examination necessary in the case of children and the problems connected with a plethora of troublesome individual tests. OUf study gives an overview of Mpniere's disease and related vestibular disturbances occurring during childhood.