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Migrainous vertigo and Meniere's disease: Is there a common genetic background?

Author(s): Carlos Augusto Costa Pires de Oliveira

Neuhauser et al.1 prospectively evaluated 200 patients from a dizziness clinic and 200 ones from a migraine clinic. Prevalence of migraine according to International Headache Society (IHS) II criteria was 38% in the dizziness clinic and 24% in sex and age matched controls (p < 0.01). Migrainous vertigo was present in 7% of patients of the dizziness clinic and in 9% of the ones in the migraine clinic. In 15 of 32 patients vertigo was always associated with migraine during the acute attacks. In 16 patients this association was irregular and 2 patients never had both migraine and vertigo together

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