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Noise Induced Hearing Loss and the Individual Susceptibility to the Noise

Author(s): Kyong-Myong Chon, Hwan-Jung Roh, Eui-Kyung Goh, Soo-Geun Wang

Although there is no specific treatment for modality of occupational noise-induced hearing loss c~nHL), the best way to manage this problem is the prevention. The fundame,lltal prevention of NIHL is to find the persons who are more susceptible to the noise and to avoid work in the noisy environment prior to or during employment. The purpose of this study is to investigate .' the actual status of NIHL in the industrial complex of Pusan and Kyongnam area in Korea and to evaluate the individual susceptibility to the noise and to set-up the preventive indices of NIHL, using temporary threshold shift (TIS) and its recovery time after noise stimulation.