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Objective Tinnitus Associated with Essential Palatal Myoclonus: Report in a Child

Author(s): Maya Elziere, St?phane Roman, Richard Nicollas, and Jean-Michel Triglia

Palatal myoclonus is an uncommon, rhythmic, “shock-like” involuntary movement of the muscles of the soft palate, throat, and other structures derived from the branchial arcs. Objective tinnitus is frequently neglected in review articles about childhood tinnitus. Our aim was to present the case of a 7-year-old girl with bilateral objective tinnitus due to palatal myoclonus without hearing impairment (normal hearing thresholds between 250 Hz and 8 kHz) but with otherwise normal hearing thresholds (250 Hz–8 kHz) and no evidence of intracerebral or systemic disorders. No treatment was useful.