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One-year prevalence and risk factors of tinnitus in older individuals with otological problems

Author(s): Kumaran Thirunavukkarasu and Chinnaraj Geetha

OBJECTIVE: The present study was carried out to estimate one year prevalence and risk factors of tinnitus in the older individuals (60 years and above) who reported with the ear and/or hearing related complaint to All India Institute of Speech and hearing, Mysore.

METHODS: The case files of those who visited the institute during the above said period were reviewed retrospectively.

RESULTS: The results of the study revealed that the prevalence of tinnitus was 16.81%. It was also found that 60.9% of the individuals with tinnitus were males. Further, 97.5% of the individuals with tinnitus had hearing loss. In addition, 28.53% of the individuals with tinnitus had moderate degree of hearing loss followed by moderately severe degree of hearing loss. Most of these individuals had sensorineural impairment.

CONCLUSION: It can be concluded that prevalence of tinnitus is quite high in the older individuals with otological problems. The hearing loss, gender, giddiness, headache, hypertension, and diabetes were found to be major risk factors.