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The International Tinnitus Journal

Official Journal of the Neurootological and Equilibriometric Society
Official Journal of the Brazil Federal District Otorhinolaryngologist Society

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ISSN: 0946-5448


Prognosis for Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss: A Retrospective Study Using Logistical Regression Analysis

Author(s): Hirofumi Harada and Toshihiko Kato

Sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL) remains a controversial problem with respect to etiology and the factors that might predict prognosis. We used logistical regression analysis to determine which factors are most strongly related to outcome for patients with SSNHL. In so doing, we employed a retrospective chart-review study. The study group consisted of 296 patients (296 ears). The outcome of SSNHL was cured (full recovery) in 64, recovered (partial recovery) in 175, and no change in 57. We performed separate analyses on those in the no-change and partial-recovery groups and on those in the no-change and fullrecovery groups. The following factors were studied as explanatory variables: age; number of days until presentation; vestibular symptom; initial mean hearing level at 0.25 kHz, 0.5 kHz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz, and 4 kHz; and treatments (steroids, satellite ganglion block). In the first analysis, for patients in the no-change and recovered groups, the factors most strongly related to outcome were the number of days until presentation and age. The second analysis, for the nochange and cured groups, revealed that the number of days until presentation, vestibular symptom, age, and initial mean hearing level were most strongly related to outcome. Our results will increase the ability to predict the outcome for SSNHL.