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Relationship Between Head-Only Rotation and Caloric Test Results in Vestibular Disorders

Author(s): Caroline Farha Cabete, Mauricio Malavasi Gananca, Heloisa Helena Caovilla, Flavio Serafini, Marcia Moniz Frazza,and Patricia Gushikem

Our purpose was to determine the possible existence of a relationship between abnormal findings from head-only rotation and those from caloric tests applied in patients with peripheral vestibular disorders. We retrospectively studied the head-only rotation and caloric test results of 75 patients experiencing dizziness and peripheral vestibular dysfunction. We assessed the relationship between abnormal test results using the Cramér coefficient. Abnormal findings in the head-only rotation test occurred in 87.5% of patients with vestibular hypoexcitability and in 94.3% of those with hyperexcitability or directional preponderance of postcaloric nystagmus. Statistical analysis of the association between the values found for the parameters of head-only rotation and caloric test results revealed a Cramér coefficient that was less than 0.70. We found no relationship between abnormal findings from head-only rotation and caloric tests applied to individuals with peripheral vestibular disorders