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Round-Window Microcatheter-Administered Microdose Gentamicin: Results from Treatment of Tinnitus Associated with Meniere's Disease

Author(s): Michael J. DeCicco, Michael E. Hoffer,Richard D. Kopke, Derin Wester, Keith A. Allen, Kim Gottshall and Michael J. O'Leary

In this study, we review the results of Meniere's disease treatment using microdose gentamicin delivered directly to the round window using the Round Window Microcatheter (IntraEar, Inc., Denver, CO). A total of 18 patients were studied, with follow-up ranging from 6 to 18 months. In 15 of 18 patients (83%), tinnitus was improved significantly throughout the follow-up period. Vertigo was eliminated in all patients, and pressure was relieved in 17 of 18 (94%). These preliminary data suggest tbat Round Window Microcatheter-delivered gentamicin is a safe and effective treatment for the reduction of tinnitus, vertigo, and pressure associated with Meniere's disease