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Surgical Management of Intractable Meniere's Disease

Author(s): Pietro De Luca, Massimo Ralli, Claudia Cassandro, Francesca Yoshie Russo, Federico Maria Gioacchini, Matteo Cavaliere, Marco Fiore, Antonio Greco, Ettore Cassandro,Alfonso Scarpa

Meniere’s Disease (MD) is an inner ear disorder characterized by spontaneous recurrent vertigo, fluctuating sensorineural hearing loss, aural fullness and low-pitch tinnitus. Therapeutic management of MD includes dietary restriction and medical therapy. A minority of cases is characterized by frequent vertigo attacks, progressive hearing loss and persistent tinnitus even through the continuous medical treatments; this condition is called intractable MD and requires a therapeutic escalation from non-invasive medical treatment to surgical intervention. Invasive procedures include endolymphatic sac surgery, vestibular nerve section and labyrinthectomy. These procedures have a very high success rate on symptom control but may have a severe impact on the hearing function. However, the simultaneous combined approach of demolitive surgery and cochlear implantation may be a valid approach to treat symptoms of intractable MD and preserve hearing function. In the present study, we review current literature focusing on intractable MD to describe and discuss advantages and disadvantages of established and newly proposed surgical treatments for intractable MD

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