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ISSN: 0946-5448


Textbook of Vertigo: Diagnosis and Management

Author(s): Francesco Dispenza; Alessandro De Stefano

Following you will find a brief description of the book done, as accorded with Alessandro De Stefano, to publish in Int Tinnitus J Vertigo: Diagnosis and Management of Jaypee Brother Publisher, is a new book in the field of vestibular disorders. This publication includes several topics ranging from anatomy of vestibular system to the rehabilitation after a vestibular disease. The book, edited by Dr. Francesco Dispenza and Dr. Alessandro De Stefano, had the contribution of about 30 Professors worldwide, experts in the fields of vertigo. The first part of the book includes the information about anatomy, physiology of vestibular system and general approach to the dizzy patients, with a window on epidemiology of such disease. The section about the instrumental diagnosis give to the reader the latest tools to evaluate the vestibular system. The book follow a line through the most important diseases of the vestibular system, including Meniere’s disease, BPPV and a section dedicated to childhood vertigo. About therapy, this book have a section regarding the medical treatment followed by the rehabilitation program that was reported in a very detailed way. In conclusion, with his 20 chapters and more than 1000 references cited, this book will be useful for those who want approach the dizzy patients in the most complete way