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Tinnitus: Clinical Overview

Author(s): John W. House

Inintus is a symptom and not a disease. It is important for the physician to understand this and to impart this to the patient. Victor Goodhill in 19501 said "Any management which is based upon a single panacea for the treatment of a symptom and not a disease will result in failure." The important steps in the management of the patient with tinnitus are the evaluation, the examination, and the explanation. About 95% of the patients seen in my office who have tinnitus are not particularly bothered by it. On the other hand, five percent of our patients are driven to distraction by their tinnitus. These patients require a great deal of our time and effort. They are very concerned about the tinnitus and are focusing on it. Many have been to multiple physicians searching for a cure. The history is an important aspect