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Treatment of Cochlear-Tinnitus with Dexamethasone Infusion into the Tympanic Cavity

Author(s): E. Sakata, A. Itoh, Y. Itoh

Intratympanic dexamethasone infusion was performed as a treatment for cochleartinnitus and its efficacy was investigated. This is a Steroid Targeting Therapy (SIT) for cochleartinnitus. The overall effective rate for the 1214 patients with 1466 affected ears was 71 %. In this study, cochlear tinnitus was seen frequently in the age group of 50 - 60 years old, a relatively older population. The results of the treatment for tinnitus in different age groups did not show a correlation between age and efficacy rate of treatment. In the investigation of the treatment results with different underlying ear diseases, the efficacy rate was high for tinnitus accompanying chronic otitis media, Meniere's disease, and labyrinth syphilis. The efficacy rate tended to decrease more with longer disease duration. When the mean hearing level and treatment results were evaluated, a high effective rate was found in patients who had mild deafness. The efficacy rate was high in tinnitus of low tone pitch, and low tinnitus with high tone pitch. On the other hand, different degreees of loudness of tinnitus did not correlate with treatment effects. This treatment method is useful as a local therapy for cochlear-tinnitus in an outpatient setting.