The International Tinnitus Journal


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The International Tinnitus Journal

Official Journal of the Neurootological and Equilibriometric Society
Official Journal of the Brazil Federal District Otorhinolaryngologist Society

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ISSN: 0946-5448


Use of High-Frequency and Muscle Vibration in the Treatment of Tinnitus

Author(s): Martin L. Lenhardt,Barbara A. Goldstein,Abraham Shulman, and Robert Guinta

Although tinnitus is defined as an internal auditory sensation, external auditory stimuli can mask tinnitus under some circumstances. High-frequency vibration delivered as bone conduction stimulation is effective in masking high-pitched tinnitus. In this preliminary report, somatosensory stimulation in the form of low-frequency muscle vibration can also mask high-frequency tinnitus. Somatosensory stimulation provides fast, immediate relief, whereas high-frequency vibration provides longer-lasting benefit. Either modality can stand alone or can be used in conjunction for tinnitus treatment. A clinically feasible technique has been identified for more wide-scale evaluation.