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The International Tinnitus Journal

Official Journal of the Neurootological and Equilibriometric Society
Official Journal of the Brazil Federal District Otorhinolaryngologist Society

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ISSN: 0946-5448


Vertigo as a Prognostic Sign in Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Author(s): Jacob Ben-David, Michal Luntz, Ludwig Podoshin, Edmond Sabo, and Milo Fradis

Several prognostic indicators of favorable outcome in idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss (ISSHL) have been proposed: an initial profound hearing loss, a downsloping audiometric curve, advanced age, and the presence of vertigo. The latter has been disputed in the literature. The present study addressed the correlation between vertigo and outcome of ISSHL. Sixty-seven patients with ISSHL, aged 52 years on average, were treated with tapered doses of oral prednisone and complete bed rest. Factors found to have a statistically significant prognostic value as indicators of outcome in ISSHL were tinnitus on admission (positive indicator,p < .041) and a descending type of audiometric curve (negative indicator, p < .009). The presence of vertigo was also found to be significantly correlated with the lack of improvement in hearing, but only at the 8-kHz frequency. Dizziness was reported by 27% of the patients. The correlation between the presence of vertigo and persistent high-frequency ISSHL may be explained by the anatomic contiguity of the basal tum of cochlea and the vestibule.