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Vestibular Rehabilitation for Migraine-Associated Dizziness

Author(s): Kim R. Gottshall, Robert J. Moore, and Michael E. Hoffer

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of a vestibular rehabilitation program on patients with the diagnosis of migraine-associated dizziness. Subjects were placed in four groups as follows: idiopathic migraine-associated dizziness; idiopathic migraineassociated dizziness and associated benign positional vertigo; posttraumatic migraine-associated dizziness; and posttraumatic migraine-associated dizziness and benign positional vertigo. Vestibular rehabilitation therapy was administered to all patients. Criterion measurements included the dizziness handicap inventory, activities-specific balance confidence scale, computerized dynamic posturography performance, and dynamic gait index. After vestibular physical therapy, all subjects showed significant improvement in the dizziness handicap, activities-specific balance confidence, dynamic gait, and computerized dynamic posturography measures. Patients with migraine-associated dizziness can benefit from physical therapy intervention. The results of this study are important in considering the approach to vertiginous migraine patients with and without head injury