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Volume 19, Issue 2 / December 2015

Letter to Editor Pages:69-69


Authors: Int J Tinnitus


Keywords: Tinnitus

Dear readers

Two things must be straightened up through the following ERRATA.


The Section Summary of Meetings -International Tinnitus Miniseminar 2014 published in ITJ 18.2(2013) should be published in ITJ 19.1(2014).


The Original article”Electrophysiology Quantitave Electrencephalography/low resolution brain electromagnetic tomography functional brain image(QEEG-LORETTA): Case report:subjective idiophatic tinnitus predominantly central type severe disabling tinnitus” published in ITJ 19.1 june 2014 should be published in ITJ 19.2, december 2015.

Finally we must straighten out the dates of ITJ publication. The journal was not published for 1 year because of the transfer from New York to Brasília. Being so ITJ issues have been appearing with one year gap in the publication dates. In order to close this gap we published 19.1 dated june 2014 and 19.2 will come out dated december 2015. This way from 2016 on the publication dates will be correct. We apologize for these problemas and hope from now on to keep things straight.