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A Resonant Circuit Involving the Vestibule and Cochlea Base Could Cause Extremely Low-Frequency Tinnitus, also called "The Hum" or "Taos Hum"

Author(s): Franz Gunter Frosch

Introduction: “The Hum” or “Taos Hum” are common names for the sound associated with tinnitus at extremely low frequencies.

Objectives: This study aimed to identify the cause and place of origin of the hum using relevant data from the literature along with data extracted from a questionnaire and other related information.

Results and Conclusion: The vestibule and cochlea base seem to play a crucial role in the generation and elimination of the hum. The origin of the hum seems to appear in a region near the vestibule and cochlea base, in which a phase resonance could occur between the electrical signal of the vestibule, the sound pressure signal of the cochlear base, and External Sounds.

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