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Clinical and morphological results of xenografts to use in myringoplasty

Author(s): Botirov AJ, Isroilov RI, Matkuliyev KHM, Khasanov US. Khodjanov SH, Akhundjanov NO, Djuraev JA, Shaumarov AZ, Akhmedov SE, Khaydarova GS, Zokirova ZJ

The main aim of our study was to study morphological state of the autograft from the fascia of the temporal muscle in myringoplasty. Until now, there is no consensus on issue of which fabrics are more suitable for use in the eardrum. We decided to study of use of an autograft from the fascia of the temporal muscle for myringoplasty in rabbits in the experiment, and in patients with chronic dry mesotympanitis. An electron microscopic examination of the fascia taken immediately, after 10, 20 min and 1 h after sampling. It was found that there are no gross destructive changes in the fascia structure. Minor changes are detected in the form of a light disorganization of the collagen complex, granular dystrophy with an increase in cell. Inflammatory diseases of the middle ear are widespread among population of all age groups. In the experiment, a positive result was obtained in 29 (82.8%) rabbits. In our research we performed morphological features of xenograft engraftment in an experimental animal on 3, 7, 14, 21 days and 1-3 months. In period from 3 days to 3 months after operation, the animals were euthanized by an air embolism and subjected to pathological examination. Then recovered xenograft, was examined macro and microscopically. Pieces were fixed in a 10% solution of neutral formalin. After washing with water, dehydration was carried out in alcohol and chloroform, and after, waxed with paraffin. Histological sections were stained with hematoxylin-eosin. Collagen fibers were detected by method of Vann-Gieson

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