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The International Tinnitus Journal

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Medicine-Based Evidence: Reverse Translational Ear Research Recommendations

Author(s): Kenneth H. Brookler

Presented here is a first-person account of the evolution of the practice of surgical neurootology to that of medical neurootology shaped mainly by results of treatment directed at underlying otosclerosis-like lesions of the otic capsule and metabolic factors. With new technologies and rapidly evolving concepts, the changing treatment algorithms did not remain constant to provide the usual evidence-based outcome analyses. However, the majority of the patients presenting with neurootological symptoms had undergone previous medical or surgical treatment before undergoing the medical management herein described. The underlying ongoing basic science findings over this period were linked to the clinical observations. On the basis of the more effective results of treating neurootological disorders, recommendations are made for future areas of investigation-mostly basic science-into developing an investigative foundation for future effective management of patients with a variety of neurootological disorders.