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Preschool Children Hearing Impairment: Prevalence, Diagnosis and Management in a Developing Country

Author(s): Waheed Atilade Adegbiji, Gabriel Toye Olajide, Fatai Olatoke, Anthony Oyebanji Olajuyin, Olawale Olubi, Ahmed Ali, Paul Adebisi Eletta, Adebayo AbdulAkeem Aluko

Objectives: Preschool children hearing impairment is a common otologic diseases worldwide. The burdens of this preventable condition can be reduced in developing country. This study was carried out to determine the prevalence, diagnosis and management of hearing impairment among children less than 5 years seen in our center. Method: This was a prospective hospital based study of preschool children with complaints of hearing impairment in Ekiti state university teaching hospital, Nigeria. This study was conducted over a period of two years (February 2016 to January 2018). Data was obtained from consented patients by using pretested interviewers assisted questionnaire. Data obtained was collated and analyzed by using SPSS software version 18.0. D escriptive statistics was used to present and expressed the data as simple tables and charts. Results: The prevalence of hearing impairment in this study was 5.9% with peak value of 37.6% at preschool age 3 years. There were 42.6% males and 57.4% females. Majority (51.5%) of the patients were urban dwellers. The aetiologic factors of hearing impairment include; 15.8% neonatal jaundice, 13.9% febrile illness, 12.9% otitis media and 11.9% birth asphyxia. Prelingual presentation was commonest in 57.4%. Common clinical features includes yet to speak, restlessness/stubborn and not responding to command in 60.4%, 48.5% and 46.5% respectively. Commonest type of hearing impairment was sensorineural hearing loss is 61.4%. Type A tympanometry (normal) was the commonest findings in 82.2%. Conclusion: Preschool children hearing impairment with late presentation is a common otologic diseases burden to parent and otorhinolaryngologist in our center. The common causes were preventable with resulting permanent auditory damage.

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