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The International Tinnitus Journal

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Somatosensory-Auditory Processing of the Fifth Cervical Nerve in Tinnitus

Author(s): Henk M Koning

Introduction: Cervical spinal nerve projections influence auditory responses and play a role in the pathology of tinnitus.

Objectives: The intention of our research was to lay down the amenity of treatment of the fifth (C5) cervical nerve to lessen tinnitus and to obtain specifications associated with a long-term effect of this method.

Design: Subjects were 54 tinnitus patients who were treated with infiltration of the fifth cervical nerve. Clinical data form these patients were reviewed retrospectively. An independent perceiver evaluated the long-term effect of the therapy by telephone interview.

Results: Treating the C5 is beneficial for 30% of the tinnitus patients. The majority of patients with a beneficial result rated the tinnitus reduction of 50% or more. At 9 months, half of the patients still had benefit. Less hearing at 1 kHz together with a large spur in front of the fifth cervical vertebrae forecasted a beneficial effect of the C5 therapy on tinnitus at 7 weeks.

Conclusions: Treating cervical spine complaints can lessen tinnitus. Therapy of C5 resulted in less tinnitus for 30% of the tinnitus patients. However, selection of tinnitus patients with an evident spur in front of the fifth cervical vertebrae together with a less hearing at 1 kHz will improve the success rate of C5 therapy

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