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The Labyrinthine Journey: Unveiling Obstacles in addressing Mental Health Challenges in Prisons and its Confluence with Medico-Legal and Pharmacological Perspectives

Author(s): Rana Navneet Roy*, Prashant Kumar, Vijay Kumar Singh, Deo Narayan Singh

This paper delves into the intricate realm of mental health issues within prisons including other correctional facilities, the intersectionality with legal and medical aspects, and the potential of pharmacology as a viable treatment modality. The prevalence and diverse array of mental disorders among incarcerated individuals are thoroughly examined, underscoring the imperative for all-encompassing interventions. The legal structure, hurdles encountered in delivering mental healthcare, and the indispensability of interdisciplinary cooperation are scrutinized. Furthermore, the effectiveness and moral implications of pharmaceutical interventions in correctional environments are deliberated upon. Conclusive suggestions are put forth to enhance mental healthcare provisions in prisons. The research paper endeavors to penetrate the labyrinthine complexities of mental health predicaments within correctional institutions, with a specific emphasis on the convergence of medico-legal facets and the plausible impact of pharmacological interventions. The study strives to elucidate the intricate nature of mental health challenges among incarcerated populations, considering the intricate interplay of socio-cultural, environmental, and psychological factors that contribute to their pervasiveness. By delving into these interconnected dimensions, the research aims to unlock prospective remedies capable of efficaciously meeting the mental health requisites of incarcerated individuals.

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