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Tinnitus: Summary of Current Understanding of the Pathophysiology Mechanisms in different Ear Diseases

Author(s): Kamlesh Dubey

Introduction: Tinnitus is well known since ancient time with wide prevalence in our community everywhere. Despite advancement in technology, we are far from knowing confirmed Pathomechanism and one treatment of choice for tinnitus. Present review article is an attempt to investigate various pathophysiology mechanisms available, in literature to explain the generation of tinnitus with respect to known diagnoses in which tinnitus is a significant complaint.

Method: Author performed detailed online data search for publications on PubMed, Medline, Google Search, Scopus between 1990-2020. Author’s focus during search was, on the tinnitus and pathophysiology behind the diagnoses involving external ear, middle ear, and inner ear as site of pathology.

Result: Few studies are available explaining likely pathophysiology and mechanism of tinnitus development in diseases involving different subsites of ear.

Conclusion: We still do not know with surety the likely cause behind the generation of tinnitus in various diseases except for objective which are treatable. While rest of subjective type there is no curative treatment available


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